Ratushniy Nikolay Aleksandrovich, plastic surgeon

Nikolay Ratushniy

Craniofacial surgeon, The head of the Department of «Craniofacial, plastic and reconstructive surgery», the chief specialist of the Ministry of health in Zabaikalsky Krai on the specialty «Craniofacial surgery», «Plastic surgery»



Chita, ul. Kokhanskogo-7 "Regional Clinical Hospital", 9 th floor, Department of Maxillo-Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Chita, Russia


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A beautiful breast was always a dream for every woman. The harmony of shape, beautiful outlines of breast make women to feel self-confident, desired and attractive. Unfortunately, not every woman nature had endowed with ideal breast.

Desire to have more big breast, asymmetry of mammary glands, breast sagging after pregnancy, lactation or weight loss, breast loss after oncology - these are the most common problems which can plastic surgery help with.

From this section you will learn:

  • what types of operations are made to reshape and resize the breast;
  • what techniques are used in this types of operations;
  • what are key moments of recovery period;
  • what are main contra-indications to the operations;
  • about modern breast implants.

We offer the following types of surgical interventions:



Body contour plasty


Intimate plastic


Reconstructive surgery